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Mar 10, 2004, 15:53

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Dear I-ACCI Member,

In our meeting yesterday ( 8 Mar, 2004) it was clear that many members need help in 
obtaining DNB and CCR number to be able to bid on PMO contracts.
The Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry is announcing a new 
service that it is providing to Iraqi companies wanting to register for 
the next series of Program Management Office contracts offered by the 
CPA.  This service will provide the following:

1)      A Dun and Bradstreet or DNB Number
2)      A Central Contractor Registration Number
3)      A NCAGE (NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity) Code.
4)      Information on specific contracts to bid on.

We will provide this service for our members at $125 for regular time 
processing of the DNB number which will take 30 days to complete from 
date of submission or $175 ($70 will be paid to DNB) for the expedited 
processing time of 5 days.  If you are interested in receiving this 
service, please come to our office at the Engineering Union (NAQABAT AL 

        It will be our pleasure to see Iraqi companies successfully compete for
 this next group of contracts.  We look forward to working with you help
 you and your company participate in the Rebuilding of Iraq.

Kindest Regards,

Raad Ommar
Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce


As the I-ACCI plans to move to its new location, the following activities is being postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience.    

IACCI has taken the initiative to engage in a number of projects that will benefit our members in facilitating trade relationships.  Included within this range of services are the following:

  • Business English and English as a Second Language training
  • Computer Training
  • Free courses on how to prepare a professional CV (Resume)
  • Significant discounts for FedEx
  • Significant discounts for DHL
  • IACCI is an authorized FedEx and DHL agent - you can send your packages and letters direct from our office in Mansour!
  • Special discounts for wiring money to and from foreign banks through Credit Bank of Iraq and Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank
  • Conferences for promoting awareness
    • Educational Conferences (like "How to do Business With Western Companies," Jan. 4, 2004)
    • Awareness Conferences (like the conference on the new Iraqi investment law, Dec. 2, 2003)
  • Trade Shows
    • Foreign: arranged and paid-for delegations for Iraqi businessmen to attend trade shows outside Iraq - Jordan and Kuwait, for example
    • Domestic: Destination Baghdad Expo (DBX) held in the 1st through the 4th of March, 2004
  • Foreign Trade Delegations - bringing groups of foreign businessmen to meet with Iraqi businessmen in Iraq in different sectors

As of now, these are just some of the activities we have initiated in order to benefit our members and facilitate foreign-Iraqi trade relations. 

Please let us know your thoughts.  What do you need??  We would love to hear from you if you would like to share with us some of your ideas.


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