Available Candidates

Oct 2, 2003, 11:37

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If you are seeking a candidate with the right qualifications then,
contact us at jobs@i-acc.org with your needs and contact information. Or if in a hurry call us at 818.249.1525 in the USA and in IRAQ 964.1.778.8831

If you do not find the right candidate let us know we have many that are not listed

All candidates in Iraq have recieved a complete background check and will arrange interviews via phone or video conferencing.

Here below a list of Names of available Qualification Experiences:

1                Mustfa Jawad Khadim                      B.Sc  . Markting  Dep.                           3 Years

2                Raheem Karem Kaduem                   Lawyer                                                     Non

3                Akram Hassoon Tomaa                    Accounting  Diploma                            Non

4                Maitham Bahjat Abd                        Accounting Diploma                             1years

5                Mustafa Abdul-Majeed                   Accounying Diploma                            Non

6                Omar Amir Abd                                 Adminstration And Economics           1 Years

7                Araz Nabil Younes                            Adminstration And Economics           1 Years

8                Auday  Aladdin Al-Ali                     Agriculture Engineer                             3 Years

9                Ahmed Abdul Mouhsin                   Agriculture Engineer                             5 Years

10              Sadiq Jafar Shaker                             Architectural Engineer                          10 Years

11              Ali Alkareshi H.                                 B.Sc Bussins Trading                            19 Years

12              Esraa Ali Hussein                              B.Sc Computer                                        1 Years

13              Onder Ameen Khalil                         B.Sc Computer                                        Non

14              Harith Salih Al-Azzawi                     B.Sc Economics                                      25 Years

15              Ghaniya Abdulwahid Radhi            B.Sc English &Press                              Non

16              Amjad Salahddien Baqier                 B.Sc English Dep                                    Non

17              Ahmed Fadel Abd                             B.Sc Es Adminstration                          Non

18              Hamed Sabih Ahmed                        B.Sc Physical Science                            3 Years

19              Ameer Jabbar Lafta                           B.SC Translation                                       4 Years

20              Basim Mahmoud Gaitan                   B.Sc Translation Dep.                            3 Years

21              Mayada Medeb Hussien                 Biologist Sciences                                  Non

22              Ghanim H.Yousif Rassam                 Building&Construction Engineer        30 Years

23              Hussein Ali Saihood                         Chemical Engineer                                  10years

24              Shatha Ali Hussien                           Chemical Engineer                                  14 Years

25              Kalida Abdul Kaliq Jafer                  Chemical Engineer/M.Sc.                      20 Years

26              Yehea Kasim Mohamed                   Chmical Engineer                                    17 Years

27              Ali Kareem Razak                              Civil Engineer                                          Non

28              Qusai Khaisi Yehia                            Civil Engineer                                          20 Years

29              Alaa Nimat Saleem                            Civil Engineer                                          6 Years

30              Osama T. Issa                                    Civil Engineer                                          5 Years

31              Adil Fawzy Abbas                            Civil Engineer                                            1 Years

32              Mohammed Hassanmohammed      Civil Engineer                                          1 Years

33              Zaid Zuhair Nassir                            Civil Engineer                                          Non

34              Bassam Talib Essa                            Civil Engineer                                          Non

35              Saad Yassin Kodair                           Civil Engineer                                          Non

36              Safa Mohammed Wasfi                    Civil Engineer                                          17 Years

37              Rizgar Musa Abdulsamad               Civil Engineer                                          30 Years

38              Zeina Abdalrazak Hussain               Civil Engineer                                          1 Years

39              Faris Salih Al-Hafidh                        Civil Engineer                                          33 Years

40              Laith Kamil Mahmoud                      Civil Engineer                                          11 Years

41              Alwan Lafta Announ                        Coll.Of Art English Dep.                       33 Years

42              Majeda A. Ali                                    Coll.Of Art-Library Dep.                        3years

43              Dia A.Sulaibi                                      Coll.Of Art-Translation Dep.                Non

44              Lubna Adel Hassan                          Coll.Of Langnages-English Dep.         Non

45              Aseel Waleed George                       Coll.Of Langnages-English Dep.         1 Years

46              Selwa Jaafer Sudiq                            Coll.Ofart –Library Dep.                        4years

47              Muhammed A .Abd-Alatif               Coll.Ofart-English Dep.                         12 Years

48              Mustafa I. Ali                                     Coll.Oflangnagtion-English Dep.         1 Years

49              Nada Adel Francis                            College Of Art-Translation Dep.          3years

50              Essra Hussein Ali                              College Of Langnages-English            Non

51              Jan Saleem Botros                             Communication Engieer                          Non

52              Yusra Nihad Mohammed                 Computer Engineer                                2 Years

53              Salah S. Hamdi                                   Computer Science                                  17 Years

54              Amal Mustffa Saleh                          Computer Sciences                                5 Years

55              Roua Hisham  Mohamad                  Computer Sciences                                Non

56              Eman Muaid Kadhem                       Computer Sciences                                Non

57              Rafid Gargees Petars                         Computer Sciences                                Non

58              Ali Ahmed Abbas                             Computer Sciences                                Non

59              Ali Adnan Abbas                              Computer Sciences                                Non

60              Sadeer Sabah Tahir                           Computer Sciences                                Non

61              Harith Salem                                       Computer Sciences                                Non

62              Samir Kassim                                      Computer Sciences                                Non

63              Safaa Mohamed A.Karim                 Computers Engineer                              7 Years

64              Mazin Antwan Abdulah                  Computers Engineer                              1 Years

65              Gassan Abbas Bahia                        Computersciences                                  Non

66              Fahad Mwoafq Abd                         Electric Diploma                                      6 Years

67              Hider Salmaen                                    Electric Diploma                                      5 Years

68              Auday Falah J.                                   Electric Diploma                                      Non

69              Samir Maarich Shereff                      Electric Diploma                                      10 Years

70              Laith Jussif Jacob                              Electric Engineer                                     2 Years

71              Raad Hissan Hissain                         Electric Engineer                                     Non

72              Kifah Saud Jassim                             Electric Engineer                                     Non

73              Makarim Abdul Kader                      Electric Engineer                                     4 Years

74              Wisam Masoud Aziz                        Electric Engineer                                     Non

75              Meqdam Abdul Jabbar                     Electric Engineer                                     5 Years

76              Yousif Abdulrazaq                            Electric Engineer                                     6 Years

77              Mikdad T. Saber                                Electric Engineer                                     2 Years

78              Saad Kamal Taha                               Electric Engineer                                     21 Years

79              Samir Abbas Yousf                           Electric Engineer                                     14 Years

80              Wamidh Ibrahim Khalil                     Electric Engineer                                     16 Years

81              Kahtan Fadil Jaber                            Electric Engineer                                     Non

82              Muhamed Abdulah Hassen            Electronic Diploma                                 2 Years

83              Ali Nasser Abdul Hussen                Electronic Engineer                                20 Year

84              Ahmed Salman Abd                          Environment Engineer                           Non

85              Mustafa Kousay Kamil                    Gcses ,  Prof. .Mcse,Mcsa,Mcdba       5 Years

86              Moufik Mahmed Ali                         Industrial Secondaryschool                 Non

87              Abdul Kadir Mohammed                 Lawyer                                                     8 Years

88              Khalid Abdalh Ismail                        Lawyer                                                     10 Years

89              Mohamed Abdul Mohsien              Lawyer                                                     Non

90              Eman Salah                                         Lawyer                                                     Non

91              Ayser Abass Hassan                       Lawyer                                                     1 Years

92              Eanas Mohammed Hasheem           Liabraries Adminstrating Diploma       Non

93              Mohammed Kasim Alhdad              M.Sc Electronics&Comm.                     5 Years

94              Luay Sami Abdulalrazzak                 Manegement                                           10 Years

95              Nada Mumtaz Baithoun                   Mathmatics                                             4 Years

96              Alyaa Majid Khaleel                         Mc.S Translation                                    1years

97              Fadhil Abdullah Mahamed              Mc.S. Accounting                                  33 Years

98              Jawad Abdul Hussien                      Mechanical Engineer                             20 Years

99              Mohamed Abdul Munim                 Mechanical Engineer                             20 Years

100            Ahmed Kadum Jalil                           Mechanical Engineer                             Non

101            Nours Jabar Naser                             Mechanical Engineer                               Non

102            Omar Mohamed Shaker                    Mechanical Engineer                             Non

103            Muhannad Abdul Jabbar                 Mechanical Engineer                               2 Years

104            Ammar Fawzi Majeed                       Mechanical Engineer                               6 Years

105            Walaa Abbas Abd                            Mechanical Engineer                             Non

106            Mohammed Ali Kerim                       Mechanical Engineer                             20 Years

107            Waill Qassim Ibrahim                        Mechanical Engineer                             11 Years

108            Haider Ammory Ali                           Mechanical Engineer                             Non

109            Mohammed A.Hassan                      Mechanical Engineer                             Non

110            Abbas Mansour Shukur                  Mechanical Engineer                             Non

111            Hakki Iamail Ali                                  Mechanical Engineer                             15 Years

112            Nimat Saleem Naoum                        Mechanical Engineer                             28 Years

113            Thaar Maroof Majed                        Mechanical Engineer                             Non

114            Qessam Najem Khalil                        Mechanical Engineer                             1 Years

115            Haitham Abdl-Kalik Jafar                 Mechanical Engineer                             28 Years

116            Farid Abdul Jalil                                Mechatronic Engineer                           Non

117            Waleed Mohammed A.                    Mechnical Diploma                                3 Years

118            Khalid Sabae Khammas                    Medicin                                                    36 Years

119            Ibrahim Khalil Pasha                         Medicin                                                    Non

120            Omar M. Al-Janabi                            Medicin                                                    Non

121            Osama Abdel Zahra                          Medicin                                                    Non

122            Dalia Fadhil Abdulla                         Medicin                                                    10 Years

123            Assam Abdulazzis                            Medicin                                                    10 Years

124            Taghreed Ahmed Mahmood           Medicin                                                    10 Years

125            Muthana Mahmood Ismael             Mining Engineer                                     Non

126            Zuhair Sabri Shakir                            Msc. Electronek Engineer                     22 Years

127            Karim Hussein Kuwaidem                Msc.Geology Sciences                          Non

128            Feryal Karim Najim Aldeen              Pharmachology                                       14 Years

129            Sana Ismaiel                                       Physics Science                                      28 Years

130            Haider Allawi Sood                           Primary Education                                  Non

131            Rafid Tarek Medhat                          Production & Metallyrgy Eng.             Non

132            Ali Yaiseen Taha                               Production & Metallyrgy Eng.             3 Years

133            Sfaa Al-Deen Allawi Sood               Seconary Education                             10 Years

134            Husam Kasm Fllhey                          Statisc Diploma                                       Non

135            Alaa Hameed Rasheed                     Statisc Diploma                                       Non

136            Watheek Abdulah Kazeem              Statisc Diploma                                       Non

137            Sattar Hussien Shalal                        Touriat Diploma                                      Non

138            Halla Allawi Sood                              Trade School                                         10 Years

139            Sanarya B. Rasheed                         Translation Dep.&Economic Dep        7 Years