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Dec 15, 2003, 09:07

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 Raad Ommar - IACCI President and CEO


The IACCI Baghdad Team is divided into five main divisions or departments: New Membership, Member Services, IT and Support, Public Relations, and DBX or Event Production. 


New Membership


Ihsan Al-Titenchi - New Membership Director


Reem H. Bekki - New Membership Deputy Director


Shurouq Ali Hussein - New Membership Assistant


Aws Moataz Hamam - New Membership Assistant



Member Services


Zina Al-Naqeab - Membership Services Director


Yusra Nihad Mohammad - Information Specialist / Database


Zahraa Abdul Al-jabbar Al-jubory - Member Services Technician


Omar Omar - Data Specialist, Member Services Assistant



IT and Support


May M. Shubber - CEO Assistant


Eric John Nigh - Human Resources Director


Ali Adnan Abbas - Programmer & Website Designer


Laylaa A. Wshah - Chief Graphic Designer
Thamer M.S. AL Salman -
Chief Accountant


Azad Ibraheem - Translator

Rasha Samir Jamil - Information / Reception


Khalid Hamoudi - Operations Technician


Public Relations 


Najwa Saad Omar - Public Relations Manager / Iraqi Ministry Team
Usama F Sahib -
Development Director / Iraqi Ministry Team
Saif Aboud Al-Janabi -
Public Relations

DBX / Event Production


Murtada Kamal Aldin - Chief Baghdad Officer / Vice President of Special Projects / DBX Sales
Yousif Al-Hardan -
DBX Logistics Coordinator


Esraa Abid Muslim - Support Development Manager / DBX Directory Manager


Basma Mohammad Asker - Special Project Assistant / DBX Exhibitor Registration


Steve Orr - Business Development Director / DBX Conference Coordinator


Alaa Nasir - DBX Hospitality and Travel Consultant


Safaa Husain - Membership Sales / DBX Registration


Ahmed Al Douri - Membership Sales / DBX Registration


Rana A. Ibrahim - Information Technician – DBX Registration / Identification


Firas Mohammad - DBX Fairgrounds Construction Supervisor

Ali Ahmed Abbas - Information Specialist

USA Team



Dr. Sabah Khesbak - IACCI Vice President 


Nadia Ommar

USA Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Amy Gilmer

Membership Manager


William Tucker

Senior Advisor