Dec 23, 2003, 05:25

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Press Release

The Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to announce the opening of Business English courses. (


Baghdad, December 17th, 2003 -  Starting January, 2004 the Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IACCI) will be offering English classes specifically tailored to the needs of the Iraqi business community. 


The IACCI business English courses are a comprehensive communications training system which develops the skills of multinational employees, or potential multinational employees regardless of their country of origin. The ultimate goal of the program is to raise the communication competency level of the potential professionals to the same level as their technical skills, enabling them to become the most effective contributors possible in the business community.  All instructors are certified English instructors and most are native English speakers.


Classes will be held at the Engineering Union Building in Mansour, Baghdad.  All classes are affordably priced and include significant discounts for IACCI members.  Each class will meet three times a week for 90 minutes to an hour and will be held for six weeks.  Students will be divided into different levels English proficiency; so whether you are an advanced professional or a beginner, the IACCI business English courses are your avenue to the next level of proficiency.


Courses will include:

Interviewing Skills (In person and via telephone)

Resume/C.V. Organization, Development and Writing

Job Search Techniques

Management Overview

Writing Skills for Multinationals

Business Presentation Skills

Team Building in a Culturally Diverse Organization

Business Mentoring

English for Banking and Investing

Powerful Negotiating in English

Powerful Presentations in English (This includes using Power Point, etc.)

English for the Workplace

Information Technology English (Computer Training Course)

Cross Cultural Communication Skills

Continuing Education Techniques

The Use of the Internet in Business and Language Learning

Women in the Workplace (secretarial and clerical skills)


Plus many more.


For more information, contact the Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce and Industry at or email at





Raad Ommar, CEO, Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry

California Office: (818) 249-1525 or


Eric Nigh, Director of Human Resources, Baghdad Office

Local Phone: 5553116    Sat Phone: +870  760054010  or


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