May 9, 2003, 12:09

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The mission of IACCI is to invigorate the business community in Iraq by promoting an open-market economy and a democratic political system in Iraq. Iraqi American businessmen eager to rebuild war-torn Iraq have set up the IRAQIAMERICAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IACCI) (i-acci.org) in collaboration with prominent Iraqi-American businessmen, private sector, non-profit organizations, U.S.A. agencies, business leaders and academics.

IACCI aims to ensure that access to the market is open and fair.  IACCI is a non-profit organization which vies for transparency, accountability and that the rule of law is enforced. A strong business community is based on business associations having an audible voice in the policy-making process. By serving as a platform to voice the business community’s needs and interests to political decision-makers, business associations contribute to the growth of participatory civil society and the development of a regulatory and policy environment conducive to private enterprise.

The IACCI assists in establishing a bilateral relationship between the private sectors of Iraq and the rest of the world through educational and economic programs, so that trade is facilitated and expanded.  The IACCI has developed and implemented training and workshops in cooperation with American government agencies and private sector foundations and organizations on topics such as International Trade, Small Business Development, Public Policy Advocacy, Government and Public Relations, Leadership Development, Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, and Business English as a Second Language.

At this time IACCI has established relationships with Ethics Resource Center, Transparency International, Center for International Private Enterprise, US Chamber of Commerce, Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development, Millennium Relief and Development Services and many others to form a cohesive set of programs to address private sector needs in Iraq.

IACCI has large offices in Baghdad with a full-time staff of over 25 professionals dedicated to the preceding goals and mission.  IACCI has a bilateral protocol with the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, the umbrella organization over eighteen chambers of commerce throughout every major city in Iraq.  Through this relationship IACCI has representation in every chamber across the country.  IACCI has a strong cooperative relationship with all Iraqi Ministries, and most of the ministers are honorary members of IACCI.  Additionally, IACCI has established a strong cooperation with all professional trade and industrial unions, including the Engineering Union, Construction Union, Doctors’ Union, Accounting Union, and Iraqi Bar Association.   

IACCI has over 1100 members in Iraq, the United States, and the rest of the world.  IACCI conducts regular seminars and conferences, bringing the business community into a diologue with government ministers and CPA officials on topics of great general interest such as the new Iraqi Foreign Investment Law, privatization, etc.

The IRAQIAMERICAN Chamber Of Commerce and Industry is a not-for-profit organization formed In Los Angeles, California.