Conference Speakers

  • Abdul Karim Laibi

    Iraqi Oil Minister
  • Raad Al Harris

    Senior Deputy Minister of Electricity
  • Hussein Al Shihristani

    Deputy Minister for Energy issues
  • Abdulkerim Ali Yaseen

    Ministry of Science & Technology
  • Bahr Aluloom

    previous Minister of Oil
  • Dr. Salih Al-Mutlaq

    Deputy Prime Minister
  • Ahmed al-Shamma

    Deputy Oil Minister
  • Dr. Khairallah babekr

    Iraqi Trade Minster
  • Thamir Ghadhban

    Chairman, Advisory Commission
  • Musaab Mudarrs

    Ministeyr of Electricity Speaker
  • Dr. Samir Al-Attar

    Deputy of Ministr of Science
  • Muhaned Salman Al Sadi

    Minister of Water Resources
  • Adel Hameed

    Ministry of Electricity Adviser
  • Saad Mahmoud Salman

    Science and Technology Speaker
  • Nihad Ahmed

    DG, State Company of Oil Projects
  • Adnan Al-Ramahi

    DG,in the national investment
  • Abdullah Bahjat Hassan

    DG, Heavy Engineering Equipments
  • Salar Mohammad Amin

    National invetment Comission
  • Karim Abdulhasan Alwan

    GD, Oil Research and Development
  • Amin Douai Thamer

    University of Technology president
  • Saad Noori Mohammed

    Midland Refieries Company
  • Yassin Mehdi Yassin

    National Control Center, Oil Pipelines
  • Dr. Ahmed Al Alwani

    Iraqi Parliament
  • Ali Dhari Ali Alfayyadh

    Iraqi Parliament
  • Awad Mohsen Alawadi

    Iraqi Parliament
  • Khalid Al Alwan

    Iraqi Parliament
  • Adnan al-Janabi

    Iraqi Parliament
  • Uday Abdel-Hamid

    Iraqi Parliament
  • Bayazid Hassan Abdulla

    Iraqi Parliament
  • Ali Abd Albaqi

    Planing Manger, SCOP
  • Haider Ibrahim

    Contarcts Manger, SCOP