Ministry of Oil Companies

  • Abdul Kareem Luaibi
    Iraqi Oil Minister

    Minister Office

    Kindly be informed and take necessary steps, given that the Ministry welcomes positive cooperation with Company Management for the purpose of ensuring the success of this important event.

  • Dr. Ibrahim M. Bahr-Alolom
    Previous Oil Minister

    Bahr Al OlomĀ 

    Previouse Iraq Oil Minister

  • Ahmed Alshamaa
    Deputy Oil Minister

    Deputy Minister of Oil

  • Iraq Drilling Company

    Iraqi Drilling Company was founded; formerly, it was an affiliate of Southern Oil Company.
  • SOMO

    The oil marketing company is the official and responsible part of marketing oil in Iraq. The marketing policy is depending on basic pivot which are competitive.
  • Oil Exploration Company

    OEC-Iraq is the national state company responsible for all oil and gas exploration
  • Gas Filling Company

    Gas Filling Company Industrial management and operation of gas filling complex
  • Heavy Engineering Equipment

    The company was established in 1963 as an Industrial Services Directorate in the Planning
  • Midland Refinerires Company

    produces a wide range of products
  • South Oil Company

    one of the major fundamental formations of I raqi national oil company,it's
  • Products Distribution

    Sales of oil products, transportation of oil products by road tankers, management & supervision
  • North Refineries

    North Refineries Company is the biggest refining company among the ministry of oil companies. The company have a capability of refining a total of (402 000)
  • North Oil Company

    Headquartered in Kirkuk, its boundaries extend from the northern borders to the 32.5 degree parallel, just south of Baghdad.
  • Oil Pipeline Company

    Management and operation of oil products depots, pumping stations and oil product and gas pipelines
  • Oil Tank Company

    The oil tanks was established in year 1972 after the Iraqi government realized the importance and the impact of transferring oil in oil Iraqi industry. The company achieved many
  • Oil Projects Company

    Oil Projects Company (SCOP) , Design and execution of oil projects eg. Refineries, oil depots, pipelines, storage tanks and exporting
  • Maysan Oil Company

    Missan oil company is continued by its fast efforts to develop its oil fields in aiming to increase its production average of crude oil through
  • North Gas Company

    The main objective of the company is to utilize all associated gases available in the fields of Iraq to produce the following products :
  • Petroleum Research Center

    PRDC Is one of the Ministry of Oil affiliates it was established in July 1992 and considered as supporting information in the oil sector in
  • South Gas Company

    (SGC) Processing of associated gas from the southern fields to produce dry gas, liquid gas and natural gasoline
  • South Refinery Company

    South Refineries Company was founded in 1969 through the establishment of Basra refinery which actually began production in 1974
  • Oil Projects Company

    SCOP Design and execution of oil projects eg. Refineries, oil depots, pipelines, storage tanks and exporting crude oil terminals