About US, “Impossible Is Nothing” Our Way At Iraqi American Chamber Of Commerce And Progressive EXPO And Conference Since 2003. It’s the only way to do business and succeed in Iraq.
Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry – IACCI (www.i-acci.org), Progressive EXPO and Conference Company and Iraq International Expo and Conference Company are working alongside each other for the past seven years with offices throughout Iraq and with some 10,000 members helping develop private sector in Iraq, our aim is to grow and nurture small enterprise into larger and more health companies and help start new business, to that aim in the past several years we have been engaged in a number of projects and developed a reputation as the best group of Iraqi staff and managers that can perform under pressure and in all circumstance.

We are a professional, full service organization with over 10,500 Iraqi and international members, including Iraqi Ministries and local governments. The dedicated staff of IACCI comprises over from 50 to 300 depending on the projects we handle at any one time. With a distinguished track record of 16 regional job fairs and 15 international trade shows throughout Iraq, we stand alone as the most innovative advocate of the Iraqi private sector to date. 
Without a single security incident, we continue to promote Iraqi business development through networking forums, capacity building, and training and development. With its strong presence and extensive trade show experience in Iraq, we are the most qualified organization to handle any organizing effort, our logistics are the best, for example we coordinated the Iraq Energy Expo and Conference in 2008, the first ever energy tradeshow and conference in Iraq, over 100 international companies took the chance to visit Baghdad and we delivered, some 6000 staff and technical and managerial employees of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil participated.




We are a number of companies and our primary mission is two-fold: 
A) the creation of new business through networking forums, and 
B) building the capacity of key Iraqi private and public sector elements that are necessary to growing the overall national capacity to support a vital private sector in Iraq. 

We promote transparency, accountability and that the rule of law is enforced in Iraq. A strong business community is based on business associations having an audible voice in the policy-making process. This will contribute to the growth of participatory civil society and the development of a regulatory and policy environment conducive to private enterprise.




Promote open-market economy in Iraq through a competitive system where the rules are the same for all participants, corruption is eliminated and transparency and accountability are strengthened.
1. Build simplified compliance systems for small businesses by fostering the participation of business groups in the day-to-day process of government decision-making and developing laws and institutions necessary for an open market-oriented economy.
2. Facilitate access to and establish consistent long term relationships between the private sector and the Iraq Ministries for the purpose of progressive commerce and trade implementation and practices.
3. Serve as a catalyst concerning the reactivation of the professional associations and guilds including the Iraqi Industrial Federation, the Contractors Union and the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce by conducting free and fair elections to promote the emergence of representative intermediaries. 
Encourage entrepreneurial climate and culture in addition to expanding access to business and economic information necessary for informed decision-making.
4. Development and fundraising for specific projects in support of the organization of networking events, professional development education, training, policy related events and other crucial projects as needed, to support and compliment the goals of IACCI, its members and the private sector community in Iraq.
5. Promote the development of certain public sector elements that are key to the success of the establishment of an environment that allows the private sector to flourish in Iraq. This is done through training and awareness programs.
6. To assist and establish long term US policy orientation towards Iraq on Congressional, White House and Governmental Agency levels including delegate visitation.
7. Facilitate access to an economic focused relationship between the private sectors of Iraq and the international community through “Free Trade” magazine (IACCI’s premier commerce and industry trade publication), educational seminars and programs, events including the EXPO Trade Show, cross-cultural activities and high level economic programs for the benefit of expanded long term sustainable growth, investment and expansion of the commerce, technology, industry, civil society and private sectors in Iraq.
8. Build Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a sustainable long term Iraqi NGO organization




Networking is crucial to the capability of providing sustainable services. From the beginning, IACCI has implemented capacity building components within the organization itself to include staff training and development, especially with young people. The staff has grown from a small group back in 2003 to over 300 full time employees. This number swells to over 1000 or more during special projects such as the trade show “EXPO”, Job Fair Iraq and other equally large projects. IACCI has seven offices in Iraq, a branch in Jordan and an office in the United States. IACCI’s expertise in Iraq:
1. Strategic planning and logistics
2. Iraq Ministries Public Relations and Advocacy 
3. Grants management 
4. Program design and implementation 
5. Resource development and management 
6. Networking both governmental and trade including NGO 
7. “Train the Trainer” programs 
8. Civil Society and Iraqi business training and education 
9. Cross-cultural communication and facilitation 
10. Financial planning and training 
11. International and indigenous public relations 
12. Capacity building through seminars, conferences and delegations 
13. Technical assistance 
14. Engineering design and management 
15. Construction project design and implementation 
16. Job Creation including Iraqi Job Databank and Career Development Counseling 
17. Media, marketing, advertising and graphic arts 
18. Public Relations and Media Relations 
19. Publication development and publishing 
20. IT programming, design and training 
21. IACCI Training and Development Resources Initiative for Business in Iraq (TADRIB Iraq) 
22. Employment Centers, Adhamiya, Hay Our, Kadhemiyah, Mansur and soon over 10 more Employment centers in Baghdad 
23. Business Centers, BIAP BC and Ramadi BC 
24. Our own tradeshow facility in Sulaymaniyah with 10,000 SM show facility on 25 Doman land and soon BIAP Convention and Visitor Center




We have extensive experience in its last six years of operations in a volatile Iraq. Project management has included the management of large-scale training programs, grant programs, arranging and organizing logistics for major events involving numerous different parties - private sector and government over a geographic scope spanning the entire country, extensive training both educational and vocations, international trade and development, and renovation and facility building.




For more in-depth look at historical perspective on the work we have done in Iraq, please check 
Capabilities Statement Historical Perspective Statement
Training Information And Backgrounder
Capacity Statement
Arabic Capacity Statement




Examples of our trade show expertise are best illustrated in the DBX Kurdistan international trade shows held in Erbil (2005), and Sulaymaniyah (2006 through 2010 and going strong),  each year same time November 11th – 14th www.dbxkurdistan.com . At the events, there were approximately 94,000 people in attendance over a three day period who visited over 600 exhibitors in each event.
Also, the Baghdad Business to Business Expo and Conference, the first major expo in Baghdad since military operations began in 2003, recently wrapped up its three-day event at the Al-Rasheed Hotel from 15-17 February 2008. Instead of signifying an end, however, this momentous expo and conference has triggered a ripple effect across Iraq, the Middle East, and throughout the world. It was a daunting task to coordinate 260 participating companies. Fortunately, with an improved security environment and a renewed commitment to development, the time was ripe for growth, and IACCI was simply planting the seed www.baghdadb2b.com, following that event we did five road show events in Athamiya, Sadr City, Rasafa, 9 Nissan and Karrada which are smaller localized events highlighting a specific Baghdad district and finally we produced our first ever Iraq Energy EXPO and Conference on DEC 5ht, 2008. 




The First Objective: of the trade facilitation is to increase foreign direct investment which is crucial to achieving higher rates of sustained economic growth. It enhances opportunities for Iraq’s private sector firms to build strong economic structure, acquire new technologies, develop modern organizations, and gain access to overseas markets. It will allow Iraqi economy to expand businesses, create higher-paying jobs, generate exports, and increase government revenues. On this level, IACCI has conducted and is currently organizing several conferences to promote new investment laws issued by the central and regional governments to disperse information to potential investors.

The Second Objective: is to generate concern and increase activity on the part of Iraqi companies to invest in their own country and seize the opportunities at hand. This entails improving the present opportunities, creating new opportunities and taking an active role in initiating international business contacts. These steps have resulted with increased investment, sustainability and creation of jobs in Iraq.
he Third Objective: is to facilitate the concerns of the Iraqi business community to have a voice in the creation and amending of government trade policies. IAACI’s participation in commerce and industry provides the Iraqi business community with a sense of self-empowerment, through education and assistance in the development of effective marketing materials including the provision of opportunities for interaction with the international communities through trade-show venues, trade delegations, strategic commercial correspondence, and other networking kinds of events.




We learned the hard way, our staff included, creative designers, IT and legal department, we had to, it is difficult to find appropriate service providers, and above all we looked for excellence.
We continue to adjust and react to the ever-changing Iraqi environment. Taking initiative, we organized, self- funded, and begun implementing the following programs that have a direct impact on the achievement of our objectives: 
- Networking 
- International Delegations 
- Iraqi Delegations 
- Vetting 
- Surveys, Studies 
- Iraqi Ministries 
- Job Development and Career Support 
- EXPO and Trade Show Organization 
- International and Iraqi Conferences & Seminars 
- Lead Generation 
- Monthly News Magazine, Free Trade 
- Weekly Newspaper, Free Trade 
- Mass Communication 
- IACCI Buying Power




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