Wednesday, 14 November 2007

• Farmland Raid
• Train Station Restored


I-Biz Summit – Coalition pioneers program for economic reform.

I-Biz Security – MG Darryl Scott discusses security in regards to I-Biz.

Train Station Restored – Restoration project restores “Jewel of Baghdad”

The “Raid Report” – Daily update on Iraqi and Coalition security progress.


News Desk – Headlines from around the region. According to Al Mada, scores of Adhamiya residents joined the U.S.-backed awakening movement of Concerned Local Citizens against Al-Qaeda in Iraq; Al Aswat Al-Iraq reports Vice President Hashemi and a member of parliament called for early elections, and urged President Jalal Talabani to adjust the law of elections; and the L.A. Times reports the U.S. military is experiencing success replicating the Anbar model in Saddam’s home province of Salah Ad-Din.

Farmland Raid – Iraqi Army leads raid, shows capabilities.

Fallujah General – Hospital infrastructure improvements better health care.