On Monday August 28th, at BIAP Business Center, a business get-together was conducted to facilitate Iraqi companies’ efforts to acquire reconstruction business contracts.
IACCI’s CEO, Mr. Raad Ommar, welcomed the attending companies’ directors for that purpose. They were about 30 directors (with their assistants) engaged in various fields.

The Director of BIAP Business Center, Mr. Majid Michael, elaborated on the nature of the projects targeted for bidding and IACCI’s role at helping these companies for bidding.

Thereafter, the Provincial Contracts Office’s representative, Mr. ‘Abbass Khan, detailed all that is relevant to awards of contracts. He presented a training lecture to the attendees of the Iraqi companies with emphasis on registration of such companies at the Contracts Office and on mechanism for obtaining these tenders and applications for offers. He illustrated the simplest correct procedures to be followed in order to avert any errors or complications in bidding for the contracts for the goal of not having it rejected by the Provincial Contracts Office’. He cautioned them not to present gifts of any kind.

After the intermission, CDR J Paul Gentile, MNF-I CJ1/4/8 Sustainment Fusion spoke: “We work within I-BIZ, It is a program planned to grant lands to Iraqi businessmen and craftsmen near secure military locations in order to furnish the MNF-I with their required supplies" products like plastic spoons and dringing waters.

The role of companies’ owners was distinguished by virtue of the discussions and queries that followed. After the cited brief on how to register and participate, the companies asserted their desire for participation in reconstruction projects. Others expressed the wish to obtain lands (in Iraq generally and Baghdad particularly) adjoining to the American camps’ borders.
Through affording job opportunities to the unemployed and expanding the business of Iraqi private sector companies.
All concurred of the success of this get-together which will contribute towards flourishing and stimulation of economy in Iraq. The Managing Director of Bab-il-Seray Trading and Contracting Company, Mr.Surri Mejee3d Hesen, expressed his pleasure for holding it in view of its projected advantage of ample opportunities to companies to expedite Iraq’s reconstruction with jobs for the unemployed.
MR. Majid Michael concluded by extending his appreciation for the attendance of all and confirming to them IACCI’s concern of all companies wishing to work in reconstruction and its preparedness to offer all needed services to them. He wished success in their businesses.