IACCI intends to develop a host of services over the next few months to help business travelers through BIAP, promote foreign and domestic investment in Iraq and in particular at BIAP, and help international and domestic organizations hold conferences at BIAP Business Center rather than outside Iraq for security reasons, some of the ideas we will implement in the coming months are such as:

One. Business Travel Services:

  • Internet service: BIAP Business Center will help domestic and international travelers conduct there email and internet needs through several laptops and a very reliable internet connection

  • Telephone Services: BIAP Business Center will offer both Mobil, Landline, and Fax services to facilitate communications both local and international

  • Express Mail: BIAP Business Center will provide several express mail providers will be available to handle incoming and outgoing express mail, the service will help business travelers receive there express packages at the center in the event they need a temporary address to receive there express package

  • Travel Agency Services: BIAP Business Center will offer assistant with travel reservation and ticketing through arrangements with domestic and international airlines and travel agencies

  • Hotel Accommodations: BIAP Business Center will offer assistant in booking accommodations at BIAP or at Baghdad Hotels in addition to offering discounts at those locations, these arrangements will guaranty room availability at reasonable prices plus expert advice about the suitability and convince of those accommodations to the fit the needs of business travelers

Two. Business Investment Services:

Many international and domestic businesses would like to know and receive information on investment in Iraq and with the introduction of the new Investment Law in Kurdistan as well as the drafting of a larger investment law in Iraq before the Iraqi parliament it becomes clear that accurate information on the content of the law and where and how to contact within the Kurdistan Regional Government as well as the Iraqi Central Government becomes very important and therefore we will attempt to have expert advice and information readily available to serves our clients and help Iraq attract additional and badly needed investment.
Investment at BIAP is an excellent idea for many reasons not least of which the relative security of the area and abundance of land, and well established utilities like electricity, water and sewers. It is the intention of the Iraqi Central Government and the Coalition Forces to help facilitate investment in this area through convenient and easy to understand procedures. BIAP is a prime target for a Varity of class hotels, restaurants, offices and industrial complexes, close to the close and yet safe and widely available land makes it ideal.

BIAP Business Center will have on hand a Varity of information including a model of the larger BIAP area to help answer most questions and what we can not answer we will find the appropriate person or authority to help in this regard
Three. Conference Facilities: BIAP Business Center has two conference rooms, one large facility able to hold up to 50 conferees and the second up to twenty conferees and you can book your conference by calling us or email us and we will do our utmost to accommodate your needs.